9.1 billions tenge will be spent on the census


Why conducts a census when the virus is on the rise ?! Public activists believe that given the current situation, the nationwide campaign should be postponed. Because a lot of money is allocated for this purpose. In total, it will exceed 9 billions tenge. The National Bureau of Statistics says it is fully prepared for the event, which runs from September 1 to October 30. This was reported by the first channel "Eurasia".

We have recently announced that our population has reached 19 millions. Joy. Of course, it is worth rejoicing. However, the time is approaching for an official census of our citizens who are near and far. The procedure is that those who have access to the Internet, log in to a special site and register. Specialists collect data from door to door to get information about those who are not registered online.

The majority of the population that we offer a microphone supports the census and the actual number of citizens of the country. However, there are those who say that there is no point in wasting money on something that is already known.

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