Uzbekistan exported the most part of their watermelons and melons to Kazakhstan


According to the State Statistics Committee of Uzbekistan, in the first six months of this year, Uzbekistan exported 22.8 thousand tons of melons and watermelons worth 7.4 million US dollars. This was reported by the national portal "Adyrna".

Compared to last year, this year the supply of melons and watermelons grown in the country to 14 foreign markets increased by 18.5 thousand tons, or almost 5.3 times.

In the last 6 months, Uzbekistan has exported the largest number of melons and watermelons to the following countries:

Kazakhstan - 11.8 thousand tons

Russia - 6.3 thousand tons

Kyrgyz Republic - 2.9 thousand tons

Republic of Belarus - 527 tons

Latvia - 524 tons

Ukraine - 484.2 tons

Germany - 131.2 tons

Moldova - 59.5 tons

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