Record: More than 100 people died from coronavirus in one day in Kazakhstan


The number of deaths from coronavirus and pneumonia in Kazakhstan has reached 126, the national portal "Adyrna" reports.

As of August 1, there were 110 deaths from coronavirus. Another 16 people (negative PCR results) died from pneumonia. Thus, the total number of deaths per day has reached 126.

As of August 3, 102,839 people infected with the coronavirus are being treated, of which 29,138 are in hospitals, and 73,701 are outpatients.

KVI +, KVI- among patients:

1,707 people are in critical condition,
395 patients are in critical condition,
197 patients are on artificial respiration.

Recall that the previous anti-death record was set on July 27: 110 people died of coronavirus and pneumonia.

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