Mass livestock deaths are taking place in two more regions of Kazakhstan


Livestock is dying in northern Kazakhstan. In the village of Mortyk, 16 calves died at once last month. The cause of death of the animals could not be determined, the carcass was immediately burned, the national portal "Adyrna" reports with reference to the first channel of Eurasia.

According to the TV channel, veterinarians did not have time to take blood samples for analysis, but speculated that the cause of death was emphysematous carbuncles. The disease has not been observed in the region for a long time. The infection is primarily dangerous for immature animals, and vaccinations should not be given because they are young. The summer heat may also have had a negative effect.

Livestock also died in Akmola region. In the villages of Azat and Karabulak more than 500 head of cattle fell ill and about ten animals died. According to the channel's journalists, veterinarians are once again blaming the heat. According to them, dry grass injures the oral cavity of cows, and then it develops into stomatitis. It is said to be a deadly disease that affects animals.

National portal "Adyrna"

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