They have been in the house for 15 months:Do you know about a family that is afraid of the coronavirus?


In the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, a family has not left home for 15 months for fear of COVID. Police forcibly took them to hospital, the national portal Adyrna reports citing Sputnik Kazakhstan.

According to the head of Kadali village, Choppala Gurunath, the family, who are hiding from the coronavirus, live in a tent . The head of the family is Benny from Chuttugal. He has a wife and two older daughters. All four have not been in contact with humans since last year for fear of contracting the coronavirus.

"They are very scared of the coronavirus. Then they locked the house from the inside and did not go outside for 15 months, ”said Gurunath.

When the young volunteer did not come to the house, the local authorities did not know about the "imprisoned" family. The volunteer went to tell them that they had been given a plot of land. When the doorbell rang, the householder refused to open it. The woman and her 30-year-old daughter said they were afraid of the coronavirus and would die if they went outside. Thus, the volunteer is not allowed into the house. Later, relatives of the family called the local authorities and said that the situation of the family, who was hiding in the house, had deteriorated.

"After the volunteer told us about the situation, we all went there. They live in a small tent. They even attended the naturall calls within the house there. With the help of local residents and the police, we took them to the hospital. At present, everyone is undergoing treatment, ”Gurunath said.

According to her, the situation of women has worsened. They haven't washed or combed their hair for a long time. Women could have died two or three days later.

National portal "Adyrna"

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