18 soldiers were killed in unknown circumstances on the Afghan-Turkmen border


In Turkmenistan, 18 servicemen were killed in unknown circumstances, Adyrna reports, citing RFE / RL's Turkmen Service.

Relatives of about 20 soldiers were told they had died in a car crash near Ashgabat. However, RFE / RL's Kazakh Service has questioned the validity of the report. According to them, the situation in Afghanistan may be involved.

On July 18, the bodies of 6 servicemen were delivered to their relatives by KAMAZ truck. The corpses were placed in a closed coffin. The bodies of the servicemen were sent to Lebap not from Ashgabat, but from Mari, which borders Afghanistan.

A source close to the Defense Ministry said the military's casualties were 18 people. Among them were a major and a senior lieutenant. Both are from the Lebap region. Most of the dead came from Mari and Dashoguz oblasts.

National portal "Adyrna"

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