Audio editor Audacity denies spyware accusation


Audio-edit software Audacity has denied accusations its new privacy policy has transformed it into "possible spyware".

The open-source free tool, with 100 million users worldwide, is popular with podcast and music editors.

Its updated policy says data can be shared with its Russia-based infrastructure company, WSM, as well as regional law enforcement.

Audacity says the only data it exchanges with its users is software updates and error reports.

But since the updated policy was published last week, there have been angry calls from concerned users to uninstall the product or revert to an older version.

And technology website Fosspost described the most recent version as "possible spyware".

"One would not expect an offline desktop application to be collecting such data, phoning home and then handing that data to governments around the world whenever they see fit," it wrote.

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