Almasbek Sadyrbayev: we need to prepare for a more difficult period


The government, together with interested government agencies and organizations, considered a proposal by the chairman of the National Association of Sheep Breeders of Kazakhstan, Almasbek Sadyrbayev, to "completely ban" the export of alive small livestock.

The next interview of the national portal "Adyrna" on this important issue was with Mr. Almasbek Sadyrbayev.

As you suggested, the export of sheep may be banned.Some farmers say the ban will hurt their finances.

- In general, what are the advantages of this ban?

- It is possible to understand farmers. Not an easy period. Moreover, this pandemic situation is depressing. Expensive. From this point of view, the needs of the peasants in the steppe are reasonable.

But we need to think deeply not only about our day, but also about the younger generation.

Time does not end with this drought. Who knows what lay ahead?

Therefore, it is necessary to think broadly and unite on this issue.

- Different statistics are given everywhere. They say 15 million at one time and 20 million at another. What is the actual number of sheep in Kazakhstan?

It is said that it is -20. The Ministry of Agriculture is probably right to say the official figure. We use this number if necessary. But there are also a lot of unregistered animals.

- What are the state support programs for sheep? Subsidy level, amount?

- The state has support programs through special companies.

Servings, a few more, I forget right now. But the result is not disappointing.

There are a lot of crooked chapters in agro-policy. Ordinary peasants do not receive state aid.

- Can the drought affect all regions of the country?

- Yes, it is possible. Long ago in Saryagash we saw a cattle eating horse dung.

Water issues are also on the agenda in East Kazakhstan. We need to prepare for more difficult times.

- What methods are being considered to stop it?

The methods are very simple. But how do we resist the work of nature?

In general, we need to strengthen the knowledge and experience of our farmers in animal husbandry.

- What is the quality of your trip to Mangystau?

What is the help and purpose?

- During my visit to Mangistau, I will meet with herders and explain the issue of moving to the North.

Secondly, I organize cognitive seminar classes.

I visit farms and give directions. We will consider the issues to be addressed in the coming months.I will tell the authority what the government still lacks.It should be noted that these issues will be considered in the future with the participation of Askar Mamin.Demand for governors is growing.

Thank you for the interview!

Inzhu Umirzak,

National portal "Adyrna"

English version is edited by:Nagima Bazarkizi

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