The book "I am a Kazakh girl" was published


Today, in Nur-Sultan in the "Myrzatay Zholdasbekov Memorial Book Collection Hall" of the National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan was the presentation of the book "KAZAKH KYZYMYN" by Bahargul Tolegen, the founder of the brand "Ademi-Ai", a well-known businessman and collector-ethnographer. The event was attended by intellectuals, businessmen, propagandists of national traditions, media representatives and artists.

The book "KAZAKH KYZYMYN" is a motivational essay for the general reader. This book contains the personal experience, insights and knowledge of the entrepreneur, who started his business in a small shop, developed branches in the regions of Kazakhstan and turned it into a large company. This will be a useful work for Kazakh women, for any reader who wants to start a business.

In her book, Bahargul Tolegen guides anyone who wants to start their business to what is important in business. It is important for an entrepreneur to move quickly from idea to action, from action to practice. In the book, the author shares his experience as a successful entrepreneur and introduces the ins and outs of business. In general, there are few competent tools in our native language for our compatriots who are now looking to start their own business. In this regard, it should be noted that the well-known entrepreneur Bahargul Tolegen also contributes to the Kazakh business through such works.

The work is intended for women in general, for all readers interested in entrepreneurship, business, the general public, young people, university students. The author has thoroughly analyzed and studied the topic of business from today's point of view. The book is written in simple language for the general public, especially young people, who want to learn, study, knit and learn new tools of modern business. Published in a thousand copies, the book is illustrated.

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Edited by:Nagima Bazarkizi

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