Nurlan Smagulov will receive money from the pension fund


Entrepreneur Nurlan Smagulov, who ranks 12th in Kazakhstan in terms of income, said that he would take the money from the pension fund and use it.
But how much money does he have in his pension fund? At a press conference in Almaty, Nurlan Smagulov told he did not know how much money he had in the pension fund.
- I am in good condition. I have a house. I don't need an extra apartment. But I think that the amount of money in the pension fund is very large, - said Nurlan Smagulov for the question of journalists.
But where does an entrepreneur who wants to get money from the fund spend it?
There are many orphans in Kazakhstan. It should be noted that Smagulov is a member of the Board of Trustees of "Children's Village of Kazakhstan".
- "Children left without general care should get a house from the state as soon as possible. However, this benefit is not always realized. Orphans work everywhere and cannot afford to rent an apartment. That's why we created the "Children's Village of Kazakhstan". So far, there are two such houses in Almaty. Our company helps orphans and employs them. A number of children work for us and live in children's villages and learn new professions. In order for them to live without worries, I transfer some of my money from the pension fund to the Children's Village of Kazakhstan. Homeless teenagers from orphanages will live in our apartments. That's why I transfer the money from the pension fund to the fund" ,  said the businessman Nurlan Smagulov.
It should be noted that Nurlan Smagulov, the owner of a number of trading houses and a well-known company in the country, also pays a lot of taxes to the treasury. In 2020, his company Astana Motors paid 29.4 billions tenge in taxes to the budget. The most popular shopping center MEGA was closed for 140 days this year due to the pandemic and he lost 13 billion tenge.

Erkin Kaldan

Translated by:national portal "Adyrna"

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