About 800 thousand tree seedlings will be planted in Shymkent




This year, it is planned to plant about 800 thousand tree seedlings in the city. In the spring, 71,253 trees were planted, in autumn, 703,646 seedlings will be planted within the framework of subbotniks.

Along with this, according to specialists of the city administration of energy and utilities, within 8 months of this year on an area of ​​201.1 thousand square  meters, flowerbeds were laid out for summer flowers, on an area of ​​18.5 thousand sq. meters - lawn. Also 159,700 ligustrum shrubs have been planted.

Landscaping and maintenance of green spaces in the city is carried out by the contracting organization LTD "Turmys".

In addition, work was carried out to maintain 66.2 hectares of lawns and more than 290 thousand tree seedlings located in the squares of 131 central streets of the city, as well as along the banks of the Badam River, Madeli Street and Temirlanov Highway.

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