People's debts were illegally collected

An angry young businesman is on the phone and screaming
An angry young businesman is on the phone and screaming

The Prosecutor General's Office inspected the activities of private bailiffs and collectors. Kairat Raisov, Senior Assistant to the Prosecutor General, told about the results, the national portal "Adyrna" reports with reference to

The inspections were based on complaints from private bailiffs and collectors. People wrote about the immoral actions of the collectors, their intimidation and the fact that such threats are actually being carried out. That is, the collector carried out the seizure of accounts and property. The authorities did not take action. So we decided to analyze the problem ourselves and conduct an investigation. Private collectors and private bailiffs have developed a scheme of illegal debt collection, he said.

According to Raisov, the collectors used the database with the logins and passwords of private bailiffs.

They accessed the system 210 times from IP addresses, i.e collection agency Internet points. Internet signals came from a building in Almaty, where 35 collection agencies operate, and there are 500 people. In some regions, collectors sent the decisions of private bailiffs to the prosecutor for authorization. There is a contract between private bailiffs and collectors to cover up their illegal activities. According to the contracts, the collectors provided about 10 services for access to the database and enforcement actions, - he said.

According to him, the Ministry of Justice has been recommended to eliminate the violations.

Following the review, 18 private bailiffs were expelled from the Republican Chamber. Expulsion from the Chamber is an unconditional basis for the termination of licenses. Therefore, the Ministry of Justice began to apply for the suspension of the licenses of private bailiffs. The Prosecutor General's Office sent a letter to the Agency for Regulation of Financial Markets about violations of collectors. The Agency and the Minister of Justice will inspect the activities of the collector, - said Raisov.

The national portal"Adyrna"

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