Students study remotely


For college and university students, the academic year begins in the format of distance learning, according to the national portal "Adyrna" with reference to the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan.


Students of pedagogical, IT, social, humanitarian directions study at a distance. Students majoring in technology, agriculture, medicine and art study part-time. Lectures and seminars are held online, laboratory classes and internships are held in the traditional format.

102 colleges located in remote rural areas and small towns operate on a full-time basis, the number of students in one group will not exceed 15 (several groups will be formed).

Bachelor's degree

In higher education, students study mainly in the format of distance learning.

Distance learning in pedagogical sciences, IT, social sciences and humanities.

Lectures and seminars of natural, technical and agricultural areas, medicine and art will be online, laboratory and practical classes will be held on a regular basis.

Master's and doctoral programs

Classes are taught partly by distance learning.

Internship and residency:

Training will be in the traditional format.


National portal "Adyrna"

Zhasulan Nauryzaliev

Translated by: Nagima Bazarkizi

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