Who will receive 1.5 million tenge in the country?

Adyrna.kz Telegram

On July 15, applications for grants for the implementation of business ideas began, reports the national portal "Adyrna".

Applications for grants in the amount of 1,476,800 tenge will be accepted. It is planned to give grants to 4,655 people in the second lecture on the portal Business.enbek.kz.

Grants are granted on a non-refundable basis, the main purpose of which is to start and develop a new business. To apply:
register on the portal;
check compliance with grant conditions;
download the business plan template, fill it out and enter it into the portal;
fill out the application form and sign with the EDC key.
The following people can apply for a grant for the implementation of a new business idea:

registered unemployed;
individual entrepreneurs (registration period up to 3 years).
Applicants for the project must be from one of the following social categories:

people with disabilities;
people with blood status;
interregional migrants
poor family members;
a member of a large family (spouse);
a person raising a child with a disability (spouse);
bereavement benefit recipients.