"We demand that the must be punished." The Decemberists held an anti-LGBT campaign

Adyrna.kz Telegram
Фото: Бейнеден алынған
Фото: Бейнеден алынған

In Almaty, the Decemberists held an anti-LGBT campaign, the reporter of "Adyrna" reported.

Those who gathered in front of the monument "Dawn of Independence" first of all, in order to clean the square, burned and removed the halo. The Decemberists expressed their demands.

"We demand that the state adopts a special law, bans and punishes the dangerous and insolent actions of the LGBT groups. The fighters of the December 1986 are uprising against LGBT which have taken root in the country .It  threatens the present and future of the Kazakh nation!", said the "December 86" public movement who spoke on behalf of Gulbahram Yunis.