It seems that our army will die without a war - Esen Eleuken

1627 Telegram

President of "Kazakhstan KVN Union" Esen Eleuken expressed his opinion about the increase in the number of deaths of soldiers in the army, "Adyrna" correspondent reported.

"The death of children who went to the army does not stop. What happened to it? It seems that if there is no war, the army will die.

It is said that two soldiers of the Border Service have died in the last month. It looks at the NSC. Therefore, the head of the NSC and the Minister of Defense must answer for all these deaths. The Ministry of Defense says that the border does not concern us.

Selected young men who are in good health go to the army. And if they die of hunger or poor psychology, it should be checked from the district military enlistment office.

In any case, it's time to reform the entire power structure, not just structurally, but from scratch, from psychology and philosophy.
Let New Kazakhstan not be remembered in history as a massacre..." he said.