In Zhambyl region, agricultural machinery will be updated by 11 percent this year

1841 Telegram

Mayor of Zhambyl region Nurzhan Nurzhigitov took part in the "Farmer's Day - 2022" seminar held in Shu district. For the purpose of exchange of experience, mayors of all districts and their deputies in charge of agriculture, well-known scientists, specialists were invited to the event organized in the field of "Qyzylsha" LLP.

The guests first got acquainted with the van camera and pumping units of the "Kelet" company, the exhibition of equipment, fertilizers, pesticides and seeds, the sugar beet, potatoes, grain corn, safflower of the "Qyzylsha" LLP and the onion field of the "Shygyn" LLC. Also saw "Valley" units based on water conservation by "Volmant".

During the seminar, fifteen companies from different regions of the country presented about 30 types of agricultural machinery and equipment to the public.