The body of a Kazakh soldier killed in the Great Patriotic War was brought to the country

1904 Telegram

The remains of the Kazakh soldier Kaley Duzbayev, who died on the battlefield during the Great Patriotic War, were brought from Moscow to Nur-Sultan. "Adyrna" national portal reports about this with reference to the Ministry of Defense.

The search team found the remains of Kaley Duzbaev, a native of the West Kazakhstan region, who bravely died in the battle near Leningrad, this summer.

The leadership of the Ministry of Defense, the Central Military Orchestra, the Honor Guard Company and the servicemen of the Ground Forces, Air Defense Forces, Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, "Young Soldier" participated in the reception of the body of the Kazakh soldier in the military sector of the airport of Nur-Sultan. - children of the patriotic movement participated.