Citizen Service Centers will stop issuing receipts


The Government for Citizens Corporation intends to transfer most public services to paperless services. For this purpose, paper receipts for 8 services in public service centers have been reduced, Adyrna correspondent reports.

In the near future, all public services will be provided without a receipt.

According to Suyenish Abdildin, Chairman of the Board of the State Corporation "Government for Citizens", the transition to paperless services will be carried out in several stages.

"As part of the general digitization and de-bureaucratization of the state apparatus, millions of tons of paper need to be replaced by technology and online services. We have already started working in this direction. It is enough to show the electronic version ", - said Abdildin.

Specialists of customer service centers issue about 6 million receipts a year to Kazakhstanis for these 8 services (this is 40% of the total number of receipts). Now clients do not have to show a paper receipt when receiving documents. Given the sharp rise in paper prices in 2022, the abandonment of paper receipts will reduce the cost of paper for the state corporation.

In order to optimize the budget, the Government for Citizens has decided to switch to the use of eco-paper made of semi-bleached cellulose. Although it is orangeer than the usual paper color, it does not affect the quality of the printed text. It is also suitable for any printer and copier. Currently, most government agencies, universities and banks have switched to the use of such eco-paper.

List of services without a receipt:

1. Issuance and revocation of the registration certificate of the National Certification Authority of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

2. Registration of the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the place of residence;

3. Deregistration of the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the place of residence;

4. Issuance of duplicate certificates or certificates of civil registration;

5. Issuance of a certificate of criminal record;

6. Issuance of a duplicate of the title document to real estate;

7. Issuance of copies of registration documents certified by the registration body, including plans (schemes) of real estate objects;

8. Issuance of a duplicate of the technical passport of real estate.

National portal "Adyrna"

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