What was the first thing you noticed in the picture?


Option 1: You first saw the village (house, trees and birds)

You are an independent person who does not need anyone to be happy. Often you think that in order to do something well, you need to do it yourself, without expecting help from others. There are pros and cons to this quality.

You have little love for freedom and independence

You are like a ship, and the shore is your life. You don't get stuck on the beaches and usually get lost easily. You really don't know the boundaries between what is allowed and what is forbidden. This approach can lead to all kinds of conflicts. Because not everyone understands the wisdom of people like you.

The benefits of your freedom and independence

You are a special and incredibly talented person. Many people see you as an interesting and fun person and want to spend more time with you. You can easily understand others and listen to them. You are special. You know that any challenge can be overcome. So don't give up!

Option 2: You saw the first elephant

If you have seen an elephant for the first time, it means that you want to feel the need for protection right now. Right now you are going through a lot of unreliable experiences. However, you are not a very nice and kind person, you value sincerity in your relationship.

Your humility and sense of balance will be appreciated by all, while putting aside your generosity. Unfortunately, right now your inner voice is screaming inside you, asking you to move forward. Shake off all bad thoughts and live, keep doing, laugh, talk, shout, love and forgive. Remember, you will not be in this world forever.

Each time you feel the urge to move on, remember this test and the elephant you saw in the picture. This will help you calm down and focus on the issues that are preventing you from being the person you want to be.

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