"Barys" beat the team of Kazan"Ak Barys"


Ak Barys and Barys hockey players met on the Tatneft Arena ice rink in October, the national portal Adyrna reports.

The coaching staff of "Barys" made only one change compared to the previous match. In the fourth generation, Dmitry Gurkov replaced Jacob Berglund on the ice.

The first half of the game was dominated by the home team, which twice found a hole in the gates of "Barys". However, the spectators of "Tatneft Arena" did not score in the next match. But in the beginning of the second twenty minutes Egor Shalapov organized a counterattack, and Jacob pushed Lilya Blyalov during the game.

In the middle of the third game Roman Starchenko made a great pass outside the goal, and Arkady Shestakov strengthened the advantage of the guests. In the last minute of the match Dmitry Voronkov weakened the nerves of the Kazakh fans, but Yuri Mikhailis's team still won.

The result of the match "Ak Barys" - "Barys" - 1: 2 (0: 0, 0: 1, 1: 1).

0: 1 - 21:46 - Lilya (Shalapov)

0: 2 - 50:25 - Shestakov (Starchenko)

1: 2 - 58:19 - Voronkov (Kagarlitsky, Wil)

Goalkeepers: Blyalov - Ortio.

Now, on December 9, Barys will host Sochi.

National portal "Adyrna"

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