The executive committee of Shymkent handed over 246 tablets to subscribers


At the first stage of the All-Russian population census, an updated map was developed with an indication of the exact address of real estate in Shymkent. Mayor of Shymkent Murat Aitenov told about it at the government meeting.

“In the second stage of the census, 186 instructors-observers and 1,304 interviewers will be involved. An updated map of real estate objects and their addresses, located in the city, and 246 tablets distributed to the Agency for Statistics has been developed. We have created 155 educational points to provide correspondents with housing, equipped furniture, tools, telephone and Internet, "said the mayor.

“For the correspondents, 14 cars were organized for the passage to the settlements, which were added to the territory of the city. Considering the epidemiological situation in the city, vaccination of the enlisted staff is carried out. In order to ensure the safety of correspondents in the district police, preventive and organizational work is carried out on a regular basis, "said Murat Aitenov.

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