The United States intends to supply large quantities of weapons to Ukraine


The United States is in talks with European allies to develop a new package of sanctions in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, Adyrna reports.The White House is considering sending an additional consignment of weapons to Ukraine in response to the threat of a Russian attack. The United States may also send military advisers to Ukraine. CNN reported on Monday, November 22.

According to the newspaper, Javelin anti-tank missiles and mortars may be included in the aid package to Ukraine. Air defense systems, such as Stinger missiles, can also be launched.The Pentagon has demanded that Ukraine send equipment that was previously planned to be sent to Afghanistan. Among them, for example, Mi-17 helicopters. This is a Russian helicopter that the United States first bought to give to the Afghans."The Pentagon is now deciding what to do with the United States after its withdrawal from Afghanistan," the statement said.At the same time, a number of US officials are concerned that the shipment of weapons to Ukraine could be seen as a significant escalation of the conflict between Moscow.In particular, retired lieutenant colonel Cedric Leighton told CNN that Javelin anti-tank missiles are "very effective against the T-80 tanks that the Russians are currently using against Ukraine."

He also said that any additional assistance to Ukraine would inevitably lead to "further escalation of tensions with Moscow."Earlier, the media reported that the Ukrainian authorities had requested the United States to supply anti-ship Harpoon missiles.

Recall that earlier Ukraine received weapons from the United States. The weapons and ammunition were delivered as part of the US government's additional security assistance to Ukraine's armed forces.

The United States has also called on its allies to provide arms to Ukraine. A Pentagon spokesman said other countries should lift restrictions on the supply of lethal weapons to Kiev.


National portal "Adyrna"

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