Kazakhs have never been nomads, Kazakhs are sedentary!


Kazakhs have never been nomads, Kazakhs are sedentary. He did not move from one country to another like the Gypsies. In their homeland, nomads are considered to be nomads who move to summer pastures and winter pastures for the convenience of livestock.

If a Kazakh is lazy,  how could they look after the livestocks? Livestock is its main source of livelihood. For centuries, he provided meat not only for himself but also for the people of neighboring countries. Can a lazy person raise livestock, cultivate crops, and fish? Who can say it's easy? Finding livestock, choosing summer and autumn pastures, wintering, where to graze, determine the grass to eat, treat sick animals, travel to the stars on a moonless, dark night, eagle, tulpar, weather forecasting, treatment, kokpar , a scientist who knows how to invent races, wrestling, asyk, aristocracy and other games. To master it, you need intelligence, experience, and a constant search for very hard-working people.

Kazakhs are nomads, lazy people, ignorant of the profession of life of our people, light-minded idiots, or nonsense of a vicious scoundrel to soften the will of our generation. It is still carried by shallow grandchildren. Who has supported the Kazakhs for centuries, who has protected them from the enemy, from the conflict? He supports himself, defends himself. Can a lazy person do that?

There was no gas, electricity, oil or coal before. In order to survive the winter for six months, he prepared barn, hay, family fuel for four animals, invented animal dung, and made kefir, shubat, koumiss, sour cream, butter, worms, cheese, and zhent from the milk of the four animals. All this is a delicacy. One of the reasons why our ancestors were big, smart, talented, resourceful, persistent, courageous and healthy is related to the food they eat.

If the Kazakhs were lazy, would they own so much land, would they bring up so many sages? Could it be the black shanyrak of the whole Turkic country?

Wisdom is only in the working man, and laziness is not in the wise man.

Baurzhan Momyshuly,

National portal "Adyrna"

English version is done by:Nagima Bazarkizi

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