About Aknazar, Dean of Harvard: He was a very honorable member of the college


In a letter to the students, the dean of the college Rakesh Hurana spoke about the death of the student Aknazar Hadzhimurat and called him a very honorable member of the college. This was reported by the national portal "Adyrna".

“Aknazar had a natural talent for mathematics. He taught mathematics to other students. He would not shy away from helping.

From the first year I noticed that he loved to study and loved to help others.

The dean said that Aknazar was an example to many students, inspired many, and showed that great results can be achieved through hard work.

"At this difficult time, we are with Aknazar's family," he wrote.

It should be reminded that the body of Aknazar Hadzhimurat, a graduate of the NIS and a Harvard student, was found a few days ago in the Bostandyk district of Almaty.

National portal "Adyrna"

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