A competency model for a youth work specialist has been developed in Kazakhstan


The goal of the project is to create opportunities for self-realization and disclosure of the potential of youth, to realize their ideas in their native region through youth resource centers.

As part of the implementation of one of the main tasks of the project, a Competence Model for a specialist in working with youth of the Republic of Kazakhstan and a draft regulatory act on defining qualification requirements for employees of youth resource centers were developed.

Today, there are 209 youth resource centers in the country, employing 2,702 people. Of these, 1,790 people (75 percent) are directly youth workers, working directly with youth.

The development of the project is based on topical issues in the field of work with youth in Kazakhstan - the professionalization of youth work and it is the result of an analysis of international and domestic work experience.

Based on this competency model, a special educational program has been developed for specialists in working with youth.

Since July 2021, the Public Association "Community of Youth Workers" has been implementing the project "Adopting a set of measures to improve the activities of youth resource centers" with the support of the NJSC "Center for Support of Civil Initiatives" and the Committee on Youth and Family Affairs of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


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