Balayeva: Journalists must always keep in mind the fact of "fact-checking"


Last week, the portal received more than 66 thousand views. The Minister of Information and Social Development of Kazakhstan, Aida Balayeva, raised the issue of "infodemia" at the traditional forum of Kazakh-language content creators in the capital, Adyrna reports citing Kazinform.

"In today's era of global digitalization, it is clear that the Internet is making a significant contribution to the transformation of the world's traditional media. This was especially evident during last year's pandemic. The issue of "infodemia" has become a hot topic in society due to false information spread on various social networks, WhatsApp, Telegram-channels, YouTube and Tik-Tok applications. That's why we made a timely decision and launched the portal.

The site, which broadcasts in Kazakh and Russian, has so far denied nearly 2,000 fake information that has caused a stir. The site has more than 66,000 views in the last week. In this regard, today's journalists must always keep in mind the requirements of "fact-checking", - said the head of the department.

According to him, the task of Internet sites is not only to provide information. The Internet is an influential tool for shaping public opinion.

"It is clear that the most pressing issues related to the quality of products in the media depend primarily on the knowledge of the journalistic community - the journalist.

This is a common requirement for the Kazakh and Russian-language media in the country today. In this regard, our ministry has undertaken a comprehensive work to improve the knowledge of journalists, especially for the development of industry journalism. To date, more than 4,000 journalists have received special training in medicine, religion and ecology. The work in this direction will be continued in the future, "the Minister said.

National portal "Adyrna"

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