Kazakhstan and Facebook have reached an agreement


The Ministry of Information and Social Development of Kazakhstan has reached an agreement with Facebook, the national portal "Adyrna" reports referring to the agency's website.

Thus, Kazakhstan became the first country in Central Asia to connect directly to the channel and the system with the international team of Facebook, which is responsible for content policy.

- Facebook seeks to work with the Government of Kazakhstan, especially to ensure the safety of children on the Internet. As a first step in our long-term cooperation, we are pleased to have access to a "Content Notification System" that will help the Government of Kazakhstan to more effectively and efficiently combat harmful content. The Facebook team will continue to train Kazakhstani specialists to ensure the security of cyberspace, - said George Chen, Facebook's Regional Director of Public Relations.

On October 28, the Facebook team conducted a training for the Ministry's specialists on the "Content Notification System", as well as work on Facebook's content policy and community standards. From the beginning of November, the Ministry will start working in the system.

The two sides agreed to establish a permanent mechanism of interaction, including the appointment of an authorized representative from the regional office of Facebook, which works closely with the Ministry on various aspects.

- The use of the "Content Notification System" will increase the speed and overall effectiveness of the ongoing work to combat the spread of illegal content on Facebook and Instagram. Taking this opportunity, the Ministry is ready to establish a constructive dialogue and cooperation with Internet companies that provide services to the people of Kazakhstan and adhere to the current direction of creating a secure information space, - concluded the Ministry.

National portal "Adyrna"

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