Russia will hold a training exercise involving 450 planes and helicopters


The Russian Air Force plans to hold large-scale exercises in the Western Military District. It is planned that more than 450 planes and helicopters will take part in it. This was announced by Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force, Lieutenant General Sergey Dronov.

"At the end of August, it is planned to hold special exercises at the airports of the Western Military District on the provision of special equipment. During the meeting, the issues of preparation of aviation units of all types of aviation and for the first time for the assignment of long-range and unmanned aerial vehicles will be considered. In total, more than 450 aircraft will be involved in the exercise, "he said.

Dronov also said that the aircraft will be repaired.

It's worth noting that the Russian Air Force will celebrate its 109th anniversary on August 12, 2021.

National portal "Adyrna"

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