A British citizen saw a dragon


The story of the unknown monster on Lake Loch Ness has been around for more than a century. Now, half a century later, another man appeared, claiming to have seen the monster.

According to the British Daily Star, Colin Vic, a 55-year-old retiree from Liverpool, saw a monster in Lake Loch Ness. In 2021, he is the ninth person to see a monster on the lake. Unlike others, Vic has evidence. He took a picture of what he saw.

During a walk around Loch Ness in July, he watches the lake through binoculars. Suddenly, a huge wave appeared on the surface of the lake, and the back of a large animal was seen.

He says that the animal's back was like a dragon's flame. He photographed a scene he remembered in a local newspaper. However, it is very difficult to see any animal in the picture. There are many stories about the monster of Lake Loch Ness. Even 8 films on this topic have been made.

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