Employees who have not been vaccinated will be restricted from working


On August 2, new quarantine restrictions came into force in Nur-Sultan. According to the decree of the chief state sanitary doctor of the city, a number of organizations and facilities will restrict the work of employees who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 (except for those who have permanent medical contraindications and have not had KVI for the last three months), Adyrna reports. .

These include: customer service centers, government agencies and organizations, industries, construction sites, wholesale and retail trade, culture and recreation, hotels, airports, railway stations, educational and training organizations, health care, sanatoriums, entertainment institutions. , pharmacies, etc.

In addition, employers must transfer 80% of employees of government agencies, offices, national companies and other organizations to work remotely.

Exceptions apply only to those vaccinated and sick in the last three months. According to the decree of the Chief Sanitary Inspector, by August 10, 2021, workers must be immunized with the first component, and by September 1, 2021 - with the second component of the vaccine COVID-19 (except for vaccinated people).

The decision to restrict and strenthen quarantine measures in Nur-Sultan was made in accordance with the minutes of the IAC meeting to prevent the emergence and spread of coronavirus infection in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

National portal "Adyrna"

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