Oxygen station


Today, several social facilities are being built in Zhanaozen for the benefit of the people. One of them is an oxygen station.

Due to the spread of coronavirus infection, Zhanaozen needs an oxygen station. According to the city's epidemiologist Oryngul Zholdybayeva, 90% of hospitalized patients depend on oxygen.

“More than 200 people are infected with the coronavirus in Zhanaozen. There are 84 patients in the oil department. More than 100 people are in the therapeutic ward, 12 children in the pediatric ward and 8 patients in the intensive care unit. There were 15 deaths this month. Most of the hospitalized patients are in critical condition. So we need to provide them with oxygen. In this direction, an oxygen station will be launched near our hospital in the near future. This is a great help to our patients, "said Oryngul Zholdybayeva, an epidemiologist at Zhanaozen Multidisciplinary Hospital.

Today, the hospital, which became a pharmacy center with funding from Ozenmunaigas JSC, has MRI, CT and mobile digital X-ray machines. There are also two conical blocks, each with 12 oxygen cylinders, outside the pharmacy center. The newly installed oxygen station is also sponsored by the oil company. The cost is 57 million 775 thousand tenge. Currently, the installation of an oxygen station capable of producing 10 m3 of pure oxygen per hour is underway.

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