Coronavirus. Fireworks. Will Astana Day be celebrated this year?


It is known that July 6 is the Capital Day. The first case of coronavirus was registered in the country in March 2020, and since then a number of holidays have not been celebrated. Although more than a year has passed, the situation has not stabilized. There were several waves of the pandemic. However, this holiday was celebrated last year. How will it be this year? Is City Day celebrated?

How was Astana Day celebrated in 2020?

As you may recall, a large-scale fireworks display dedicated to the Capital Day was organized on July 6 amid the increase in coronavirus mortality. The fireworks took place on the banks of the Ishim River, at the intersection of the Botanical Garden and Pushkin - Abylaikhan streets. The fireworks were organized at the expense of the sponsor, not allocated from the budget. Angry residents complained to the mayor's office about the fireworks. In turn, Nur-Sultan's executive committee did not remain unanswered, commenting on the fireworks during the pandemic.

“Fireworks for the Capital Day were planned at the beginning of the year, sponsors bought materials and determined the places. This fireworks is designed to cheer up the people of the city, to support medical professionals who are at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus, "said the mayor's office.

IK. "5000" clip or "Astana Day"

On December 29, 2020, the music video for the popular group "Irina Kairatovna" "5000" was released. The video tells about the construction of LRT in Nur-Sultan, corruption, the challenge of the Tiktok network, the quarantine measures announced in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the Day of Astana. The author of the idea can fit all these ideas in 5 minutes. In an interview with Russian journalist Yuri Dud, the team's director Kuanysh Beisekov commented on the moment dedicated to the Day of Astana in the video.

“We have a holiday on July 6 - Astana Day. We celebrate it every year. And 2020 was a time of mass death from coronavirus. In July, the death rate reached its highest level. When the population did not have enough money for treatment and medicine, the capital's Day was celebrated side by side and fireworks were set off. This angered many, including me. That's why we added this detail to the video, "said Kuanysh Beisekov.

Will the Capital Day be celebrated this year?

In 2021, the events dedicated to the Day of the Capital will be held online. This was announced on the official website of the city akimat.

“Due to the epidemiological situation, the events dedicated to the Day of the capital will be held online, and the rest will not be held. All types of outdoor attractions are prohibited. Only theaters with a fullness of less than 20%, as well as mobile concerts with PCR tests will be allowed to operate, "the statement reads.

According to the decree of the chief state sanitary doctor of the capital Sarkhat Beisenova, events in closed places and concert halls are prohibited.

The celebration of the Capital's Day is dedicated to social projects and is only social in nature. In particular, the keys to housing will be handed over to the most vulnerable groups of the population, about 20 houses will be completed, the construction of large sports complexes in Ondiris and Koktal districts will be completed and put into operation.

Will there be fireworks on Astana Day?

The governor of Nur-Sultan Altai Kulginov told about the celebration of Astana Day this year at an online reporting meeting.

“Astana Day is a special day for the city residents, people want to celebrate it. But we have changed our plan to the current epidemiological situation, "Kulginov said.

He also noted that a number of events were planned at the beginning of the year. However, after the final requirements of the sanitary doctors, it was decided to transfer the activities in closed facilities to the online format. Some events were canceled.

"Will there be fireworks for the Capital Day?" To the question of journalists, the mayor gave a short answer: "It is not planned."

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