China elephants: Herd on mammoth 500km trek reaches Kunming


A herd of elephants that packed its trunks for an unexpected 500km (300 mile) trek has arrived at a Chinese city where millions of people live.

The 15 elephants have been hoovering up crops and poking their noses through doors on the march from the south of Yunnan province to its capital Kunming.

A big effort - with tonnes of food - is under way to try and keep them safe.

It is unclear why they left their habitat to embark on the journey, which has captivated residents and experts.

Some have suggested an inexperienced leader may have led the herd astray, while other believe the elephants could be searching for a new habitat.

The Asian elephant is an endangered species. China has only about 300 wild elephants, mainly in the south of Yunnan province.

Scientists say this is the furthest any of the wild elephants there have travelled from the habitat.

The Kunming Daily says the cities of Kunming and Yuxi deployed almost 700 police and emergency workers armed with 10 tonnes of corn, pineapples and other food. They were backed up by trucks and drones to try to divert the animals on to a safe path.

Don't gawk or leave corn or salt out; keep your distance and don't disturb them with firecrackers, residents have been told.

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The national portal"Adyrna"

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