What is time?


Friends, have you ever wondered what time is?
For myself, I took it like this:
Time is a continuous, irreversible, linear transition from what was to what will be, separated by an elusive moment - "now".
And what characteristics of time do you know, what is most valuable in time and what affects the quality of your life?
Two characteristics of time.
The ancient Greeks had two words for time: Chronos and Kairos.
Chronos is "the governor" of time who counts your time as a tape, and in fact, your life.
The word Kairos means an unexpected, auspicious moment, moment.
That is, Chronos shows a quantitative characteristic of time, while Kairos shows a qualitative one.
So, you cannot influence the quantitative characteristic of time in any way.
Chronos is impartial and indifferent to all of us equally. Time runs the same for everyone, and everyone has 24 hours a day. Therefore, when they talk about Time Management, this is complete nonsense. In fact, time management is an activity to increase the number of cases per unit of time.
It would be more correct to call it Action management or business management.
Kairos is another matter. Kairos gives you the opportunity to make quality use of your time. All people have a different Kairos. The only moment that we can control and from which we can derive maximum benefit and pleasure for ourselves is NOW.
Kairos lives in the now.
Do you know what you need to do to make your Kairos maximum?
You need to do only important things.
Ask yourself a question.
If I had the opportunity to do only one thing now, what kind of work would it be?
And the second question.
If I had only one day left in my life, how would I fill it?
So, live, enjoy the moments of life. Ultimately, the quality of your life is not determined by the amount of your Chronos, but by the amount of Kairos you have used.
I wish you more Kairos in the new year!

Magulan Seissembay

Translated by:the national portal "Adyrna"

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