110 th anniversary of Baurzhan Momyshuly!


Friends, today is the 110th anniversary of the birth of the glorious commander, a great Kazakh figure Baurzhan Momyshuly. As a young man, we laid flowers at the monument to our heroic ancestor and bowed.

Baurzhan Momyshuly's way of life, selfless heroism, courage and bravery during the hard years of the war, perseverance and foresight are a great education for Kazakh youth, a school of great example.

Unfortunately, we do not honor our hero properly. Every year his birthday is ignored at the state level. There is no need to invent a "bicycle" as patriotism, it is clear that the generation brought up by the words of our grandfather Baurzhan will not be vulnerable. We need to address this issue.

Translated by:the national portal ''Adyrna"


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