In Aktobe 30 families received new housing for the Independence Day


In Aktobe region, effective measures are being taken to provide representatives of socially vulnerable groups with housing.
On December 1, 2020, the region began a phased provision of housing to those on the waiting list in houses No. 19 and No. 35 in ZhM Kargaly in Aktobe. The apartments will be received by the townspeople who have been waiting for their turn since 2006.
On the eve of the Independence Day, the regional governor Ondasyn Urazalin handed the keys to 30 families. Among the new settlers are persons equated to the participants of the Great Patriotic War, single-parent families, families raising children with disabilities, disabled people of groups 1,2, orphans. They received one, two, three-room apartments in a 9-storey building No. 35 of microdistrict No. 3 "Nur-Aktobe".
“Thanks to independence, the dynamic development of the economy of our country under the leadership of the Head of State, issues of improving the quality of life of the population, housing problems of Kazakhstanis are being addressed. In this regard, a lot of work is being done in our region. More than 24 thousand people are in the queue for housing only in the city of Aktobe. There is a considerable amount of work to be done, but gradually we will solve this topical issue as well, ”the regional akim said, congratulating the new settlers.
Two entrances of the house are equipped with electric lifts for disabled people in wheelchairs.
Shakhan Zholdasbayev, an entrepreneur, head of Ramp OK LLP, demonstrated their work.
Note that this year it is planned to provide rental and communal apartments to 782 people on the waiting list. 252 of them have already celebrated housewarming.
Within the framework of the "Bakytty otbasy" - "2-10-20" program, 302 applications for the amount of 3 billions tenge were approved. Loans totaling 2.38 billion tenge were issued to 278 families. Within the framework of the Shakhyrak program - 5-10-20.
The pilot program "Shakhyrak" has been operating since August 17 of this year. Since the beginning of its implementation, 148 loans have been issued in the amount of 1.4 billion tenge.

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