Emergencies of natural and man-made nature caused damage of more than 4 billions tenge


The country is working to educate and inform the population about the prevention of emergencies. The means of communication, which convey any information in the blink of an eye, also play an important role in this regard.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, due to preventive and timely response measures taken by professional rescue services, the number of accidents decreased by 8.2% (1,052 cases) compared to the same period in 2019. the number of victims increased by 30.6 times (68,336 people), the number of deaths increased by 2.8 times

(876 people), material damage increased by 47.8% (1,411 million tenge).

During the first ten months of this year, 11,702 emergencies and events of natural and man-made nature were registered.

70,641 people were injured, including 1,353 people died and the material damage amounted to 4,365.7 million tenge.

Emergencies increased mainly by 32.2% in Turkestan region, by 26.7% in Almaty region, by 20.3% in Aktobe region, by 17.2% in Karagandy region, and by 14.6% in Zhambyl region compared to the previous year. , In Kostanay region it decreased by 12.4%, in Nur-Sultan - by 9.1%.

On the contrary, the regions with the highest number of emergencies are: West Kazakhstan region by 11%, East Kazakhstan region by 9.7%, Pavlodar region

3%, and in Shymkent even to 155.7%.

The number of victims and deaths from emergencies also decreased at different levels in different regions, while in some regions their number increased significantly.

For example, in Atyrau region the number of victims increased by 122.8 times, in Nur-Sultan - by 106.7 times. In terms of the number of victims, these two regions are followed by West Kazakhstan, North Kazakhstan regions and the city of Shymkent.

The city of Nur-Sultan leads in the number of deaths due to emergencies. The number of deaths in the capital increased by 16.7 times compared to last year, in Mangistau region - by 11 times. Then it increased 6.8 times in West Kazakhstan region, 6.4 times in Atyrau region, 6.2 times in Shymkent and 3.6 times in Akmola region.

Although all this is just numbers, we consider it as information for the report, but behind each of them there is life and courage, irreplaceable sorrow and unexpected joy.


Erke Zhomart,

Translated by:the national portal "Adyrna"

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