The issue of the university is decided by the staff, not the rector


KAZGUU has a special tradition. This was announced by the head of the department of the university Talgat NARIKBAYEV on his social network page.
“At KAZGUU we often try to hold informal meetings with teachers. At each meeting, we discuss a different topic.
Through such meetings, teachers realize that their degree is equal to the leadership of the university. This is a continuation of the horizontal management system introduced at KAZGUU several years ago. Now any decision regarding the university is made by the team, not the rector or the dean. That is, not only the opinion of the staff is taken into account, but the decision-making is entirely delegated to the higher school committees (academic quality committee, ethics committee, science committee), and the administration (provost, deans) does not interfere.
We tell each other about our plans, projects and ideas. Trust is the basis of communication not only in personal life, but also at work. Our future plans must match. Otherwise, the dreams and plans of the employer may be different, and the opinion of teachers may be completely different. It also helps us to understand each other's point of view.
We discuss topical issues in the field of modern education. Our main task is now to attract young people who think scientifically in this field, to educate young scientists. We are discussing this issue not only at the university, but also at the level of the Majilis.

P.S. In the future, a special board will be installed on each floor of KAZGUU. I hope that any staff and teacher will write to him suggestions and ideas to improve the work of the university. Every good idea will be appreciated, "T. Narikbayev wrote.

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