How do Kazakhstani schools study in the second term?


In the second quarter of the school year, preliminary calculations were made on the formats of teaching at the school, the correspondent of "Adyrna" reports.

According to the Ministry of Education and Science, 3.4 million children are currently studying in Kazakhstan's schools: 2.4 million in distance learning, 953 thousand in traditional, 647 thousand in duty classes (grades 1-4), small schools. 306 thousand students study in 3047 schools.

Estimated number of children in the second quarter by educational formats: distance learning - 2.2 million, traditional - 1.2 million, including more than 800 thousand children on duty (grades 1-5), 434 thousand students in 4010 small schools, 13 About 3,000 students (grades 1-7) will study at the international school.

It will be recalled that the relevant decision was made at a meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission.

National portal "Adyrna"

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