Entrepreneurs affected by the pandemic will be supported


Due to the quarantine regime introduced in the country, changes were made to the state program "Business Road Map - 2025" to support small and medium-sized businesses in the affected sectors of the economy, zakon.kz reports.

Mukanbetzhan Kobegen, acting head of the Mangistau regional department of trade and entrepreneurship, said at a briefing in the regional communication center. According to him, the state program has been amended to reduce the interest rate by 6%.

According to the changes introduced today, small and medium-sized businesses, which repay their loans at high interest rates, and people working in 29 different sectors have the opportunity to reduce the amount of loans using government subsidies. These include car showrooms, car service centers, restaurants, food delivery services, travel agencies, preschools, secondary education, medical practice and dentistry, fitness clubs, textile and dry cleaning services, hairdressing and beauty salons and real estate leasing service, etc., - said Mukanbetzhan Kobegen, acting head of the Mangistau regional department of trade and entrepreneurship.

According to Gulzhan Kalymbetova, the head of the Damu Entrepreneurship Development Fund in Mangistau region, entrepreneurs can apply until October 30 this year.

To receive government support, entrepreneurs have until October 30 to apply to the bank / leasing company that received the loan. By submitting an application without additional documents, the loan interest rate can be reduced to 12% for a period of 12 months (from 16.03.2020). Then the Damu Fund will make a decision on the possibility of subsidizing for a period not exceeding 5 working days on the basis of lists and applications submitted by banks, - said Gulzhan Kalymbetova.

The main condition for participation in the program is that the entrepreneur must not have a loan debt of more than 180 days, including March 16, 2020

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