New products will be produced in the country​


This year, 77 projects worth for 376 billions tenge will be realized in the villages. In addition, the country will produce new products that have never been produced before. The Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development of Kazakhstan, Beibit Atamkulov, informed during the government session, the national portal "Adyrna" reports.

According to the Minister, when this year's projects are fully implemented, their production will exceed 3 billion US dollars. A quarter of the products are exported. That's about $ 800 million. It is planned to realize 15 projects for 132 billions tengein single-industry towns and create more than 1,000 permanent jobs. This year, 77 projects worth for 376 billions tenge will be implemented in rural areas and 5,800 permanent jobs will be created.

"In addition, new types of products not previously produced in Kazakhstan, including 7 types of cable products, new types of quarry and road equipment, new types of composite coagulants, gas analyzers, small and large diameter reinforced concrete pipes, new types of fertilizers, lifting equipment in construction.It is planned to produce panel radiators for the production of transformers, grain dryers, new types of combines, thermos cars, laminated plywood. Successful implementation of the Industrialization Map projects will allow us to enter a qualitatively new trajectory of the manufacturing industry, ensure the self-sufficiency of the national economy by replenishing the domestic market and exporting, - said BeibutAtamkulov.


National portal "Adyrna"


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