31 residential houses will be built in Konayev at the expense of the budget

Adyrna.kz Telegram

Currently, construction of 3 residential buildings with 180 apartments is underway in the 10th small district with budget funds. Estimates of 9 multi-storey buildings with 60 apartments each are being prepared. It became known during the press tour organized by the Konayev city administration.

"It is planned to build 31 apartment buildings in the coming years. According to the General Plan for 2050, 2,538.2 thousand square meters of residential buildings are planned to be put into use," said Samal Taskaliyeva, chief specialist of the construction department.

Today, reporters visited the "Sun City" and "Aristocrat" complexes, which are being built by private investors. "Sun City" complex consists of 12 floors, 3 parts. The total area is 23,000 square meters, there are 360 ​​apartments.

"Aristocrat" complex has 552 apartments. The total area of ​​the building is 54.5 thousand square meters. Five blocks of 10.9 thousand square meters. part of it is planned to be commissioned this year.