The suspects are businessmen and officials. The image of those who embezzled money in the flood was mentioned

1821 Telegram

The Deputy Chairman of the Financial Monitoring Agency Zhenis Elemesov gave an answer to the officials accused of embezzling money during the flood, "Adyrna" portal reported with reference to the site.

Elemesov confirmed that the agency registered four criminal cases.

"Yes, indeed, today our department has registered four criminal cases on the budget money allocated for the construction of hydraulic structures. The regions are Ulytau Oblast, Almaty Oblast, Aktobe Oblast and Kyzylorda Oblast. Most of these criminal cases have been registered on the basis of theft of budget funds. In one case - this for illegal maintenance of dams," Denis Elemesov said on the sidelines of the Mazhilis.

The total amount of embezzled money will be about 1 billion tenge. The journalist said exactly who committed the theft:

"The suspects are entrepreneurs who received the relevant tenders, as well as officials who participated in signing the certificate of completion of the work," said the deputy chairman of the agency.

He emphasized that the stolen money was allocated for the maintenance of hydraulic structures before the flood. That is, the stolen sums are not related to the 140 billion tenge allocated for flood relief.