He jumped with a parachute for the first time

Adyrna.kz Telegram

The third-year cadets of the Border Academy under the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan made their first parachute jump from the MI-8 helicopter.

From April 10-11, 2024, 23 cadets of the 4th training division are receiving special education under the "Special purpose unit officer" educational program organized by the special tactical faculty of the Border Academy.

The teaching staff of the 7th special department under the 1st faculty, together with the instructors of the aviation service department of the National Aviation Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan, held lessons on parachute jumping. For the first time in the history of the Border Academy, only 15 cadets who passed the medical examination under the leadership of the teacher of the department, lieutenant colonel A.V.Khursanov, jumped from the MI-8 helicopter and performed the methods of real landing exercises.