An investigation has been launched against the companies that built the damaged dams

2228 Telegram

The Financial Monitoring Agency has started pre-trial investigations against the contractors who are supposed to build flood protection dams and reservoirs in three regions of Kazakhstan and carry out appropriate repairs and widening of river channels. This was announced by the press service of the department, the national portal "Adyrna" reported.

In Almaty, the director of the contractor organization, which has a contract with MM "Kazseldenkorgau" TJM, was suspected of embezzlement of budget funds.

"The LLP implemented the project "Construction of a flood dam in the basin of the Aksai River". The responsible persons of the LLP were suspected of embezzling large amounts of budget funds through collusion. According to preliminary estimates, the amount of damage exceeds 775 million tenge," said the RK. Alibek Abdilov, the official representative of the Financial Monitoring Agency, at a briefing held at the site of the Central Bank.

And in Aktobe region, a pre-trial investigation has been started against the head of the LLP, which took the "Magadzhan" dam (reservoir) into trust management, based on the fact of neglecting its duties, which led to serious consequences.

"As it turned out, in 2014, this dam was entrusted to a private company for the purpose of fishing. However, the LLP did not fulfill its obligations to maintain and provide services to the dam," said the speaker.

Also, in Ulytau region, a pre-trial investigation was started against officials of LLP. This LLP concluded a contract with the state institution for the total sum of 485.5 million tenge to carry out sanitation of the Zhezdi River, 2 kilometers long, in order to protect the nearby territories from being washed away during spring floods.

However, it was found that the contractor did not actually perform the construction and installation works under the project for the total amount of 282.5 million tenge. At that time, 400 million tenge was transferred to the name of the LLP according to the acts of works performed. As a result, 26 houses were flooded and 174 people were evacuated. Pre-trial investigation continues.