It's been 2 years since the war in Ukraine. Armenia announced the suspension of its membership in the CSTO

2221 Telegram

Armenia has suspended its participation in the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). The Prime Minister of the country, Nikol Pashinyan, stated this in an interview with the France24 TV channel, "Adyrna" correspondent reported.

According to them, the collective security agreement regarding Armenia has not been implemented, especially in 2021-2022.

"This situation did not escape our attention. We have terminated our participation in this agreement. Let's see what happens next," he said.

"Is it possible to close the Russian military base in Armenia?" "We are not talking about it now," Pashinyan answered.

It should be noted that the Collective Security Treaty Organization is a military-political union established by the CIS states in order to stabilize the situation in partner countries in the event of an emergency. In addition to Armenia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are members of the CSTO.