1 person was dead in the explosion at the cement factory, 2 people are in a very serious condition

Adyrna.kz Telegram

One person was killed in an explosion at a cement factory in Turkestan region. Two more workers are in the intensive care unit in a serious condition, the website "Adyrna" writes, referring to the news of the KTK channel.

The emergency happened on November 14 at the Sastobe cement plant in the region. There was an explosion in one of the workshops, which led to a catastrophic fire. There were dozens of workers in the enterprise at that time. Three people were burned by the silent enemy and they were taken to Sairam district hospital. But the 52-year-old worker, who suffered 100% burns, died soon after. Two more patients are in the intensive care unit. The dead and injured are local residents.

Now the cement plant has temporarily stopped working. And the managers of the company could not disclose the circumstances of the accident. According to doctors, the condition of 58 and 34-year-old workers in the intensive care unit is very serious.

"One has 100 percent burns, the other has 70 percent. The condition is very serious. We are using treatment methods together with our doctors and intensive care doctors from the burn center located in Shymkent. For now, the condition is very serious, we cannot say anything," said Yergali, the chief doctor of the Sairam district hospital. Alimbaev.

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