The price of liquefied gas will increase in Kazakhstan

1413 Telegram

A shortage of liquefied gas and an increase in its price are expected in Kazakhstan. Almasadam Satkaliyev, Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, said this in Akorda, "Adyrna" wrote.

Due to the ongoing repair work at the Atyrau oil refinery, gas was supplied to some regions from the plant in the Aktobe region.

In the coming days, the plant will be at full capacity and the problem will be solved. According to Satkaliyev, the difficulties were related to the efficiency of delivery and operators. There is a significant increase in the consumption of liquefied petroleum gas as motor fuel in the country.

Satkaliyev promised to provide a price forecast soon. They increase the gas in stages to bring it at least at cost. Now the price of liquefied gas in Kazakhstan is between 50-80 tenge. At the same time, its cost is at least 110 tenge.

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