Actual problems of modern global science

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The 21st century is the century of globalization. During the period of advanced technical processes, the range of human possibilities expanded and the leading sectors of our society changed. The professions affected by radical research and industrial revolutions began to operate in a new form. The main feature of the new era was the creation of all values for the benefit of humanity. In particular, the life, livelihood, and health of the active person were the main focus, and the health of the nation and generation became the main credo of medicine. Developing and developed countries have embraced man-made processes and entered new topics in the field of healthy life. Among them, the field of medicine can be mentioned. The negative aspects of the industry cast a shadow on the image of society and did not lose their importance as an actual problem.

Medicine is the link between living a healthy life and living a healthy life. A living organism of society. Its development and revitalization will definitely affect our lives and become a guarantee of our health. However, many gaps between today's conscientious owners of health care and environmental pollution are hindering the development of this industry. When discussing the actual problems of modern medicine, we can divide its causes and consequences into several categories. The most important of them is environmental degradation.